Saddle City Comics runs weekly comic auctions on our Facebook page ( ).  Follow our Facebook page to be notified for the next comic auction.

Auction Rules:


BIN = Buy It Now example BIN Right is “Buy It Now Right”

Auction Item - is the current item up for bid.  The current item terms will be announced at the start of the item auction.

SCC = Saddle City Comics

How do the auctions work?

The bidders compete against each other, with each subsequent bid being higher than the previous bid.

Once an item is placed for sale, the auctioneer will start. The price increases each time someone makes a new, higher bid, until finally no other bidders are willing to offer more than the most recent bid, and the highest bidder wins the item.

Before each auction, the bidding increments will be announced to the group as part of the description of the item.

An auction is considered complete when the vendor accepts the highest bid offered and the buyer pays for the goods or services and takes possession of them.

The SCC member will announce the closing of an auction by typing in the Facebook chat  “Going Once, Twice… Then Sold.”  The bidding can continue if someone puts forth another bid during the auction closing and before the SCC member types SOLD to close off them item.  The Facebook chat will be the definitive end of the auction item.

All auction bids, questions and transactions will be through the Facebook chat.  Only use the video for visual reference due the Facebook lag.  ***THE FACEBOOK CHAT IS FINAL SAY IN ALL MATTERS. ***

You gain an entry in the draw by winning an auction.

 Facebook Chat Rules:

SCC Chat moderator have full control of the Facebook chat and will remove people from the auction for bad behavior and inappropriate comments directed at other participants and SCC members.  This can either be temporary or PERMANENT, So play nice people.

 Buy It Nows (BINs):

The BINs are NOT auction items and will have a price displayed on them.  You can claim a BIN item by typing “Claim BIN Right or Left” in the Facebook chat.  You can make offers on the BIN item and it is up to the discretion of the SCC member to accept it or not.  You gain an entry in the draws by claiming a BIN.

How to Enter the Draws:

You win a chance to enter the draws if you purchase one of the BINs or win the auction item.  Draws happen randomly throughout the auction.  It is up to the discretion of the SCC team member running the auction on how many and frequency that the draws happen.

How do I get my auction items that I won?

Local Pick Up is available if you live in Calgary @ Saddle City Comics (86 Erin Woods Court SE).

Or we can mail the item(s) to you, see shipping sections below.

Payment info: 

e-Transfer to  Or Payment can be mad in store at time of pickup.

Payment must be made within 48 hours of received invoice. Arrangements can be made if we are notified in advance.

Shipping is as follows:

All books are shipped sandwiched between 2 pieces of thick cardboard, and sent in padded mailers! Orders of 11 or more are sent in a box. Boxes can also be requested, but add $2 to shipping.


If you would like your books held for combined shipments I will. Just pay for the books minus the shipping when invoiced and ask me to hold the books. We will square up the shipping whenever you’re ready!!

Shipping in Canada
1 comic : $6
2-3 comics: $7
4+ : $15 + $1 per additional comic 
10 - 25 comics - $22
26 - 60 comics - $37
Orders of comics 4+ tracked as parcels (estimated up to 6 business days)

CGC books are $30 + cost of insurance if book is more than $200.

Shipping to United States

1 comic: $9
2 comics: $13
3 comics: $15
4+ : $18 + $1 per additional comic 
11 - 25 comics - $32 
26 - 60 comics - $45

CGC books are $35 + cost of insurance if book is more than $200.

Orders of comics 4+ tracked as parcels) (estimated 6 business days).

**** SCC has the right to amend the auction rules at any time without notice.  ****