Comic Pressing Services

Calgary based comic pressing service provided by Saddle City Comics.  
You no longer need to send your comics away for pressing before submitting to CGC.  If you live in the Calgary area, you can drop off your books to us and we will press them and then  submit your books to CGC on your behalf.

What is Comic Book Pressing?
Comic book pressing is a process that removes slight non-color-breaking defects in a comic book to improve the appearance of comic books to potentially increase the look and grade of a comic book.
What type of comic books would benefit from Comic Book Pressing?
Comic books that have bends, dents, folds, light creases, impressions or waviness that does NOT break color of the book.  Pressing can improve the appearance of water damage on a comic book where the fluid has NOT stained the book.  

Is Comic Book Pressing considered restoration?
The 3 major grading companies (CGC, CBCS and PGX) do not consider Comic Book Pressing as restoration.

Why press your books with Saddle City Comics?
Personal touch; we sit down with you and go over your books with you to determine what defects can be fixed and what can not.  Local to the Calgary market.  Many years of experience pressing various ages of comic books.  Speed up the grading time, once we are satisfied with the pressing results it is promptly submitted to CGC.

What is the price for your comic pressing service?

$30 per book without CGC submission service.

$20 per book with a CGC submission service

*** Fast Pressing Service Available at an additional cost per book.


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If you have any further questions regarding our services, please feel free to call us at 1(403) 800-1669 or email us if you have any questions.