Thor #339 - CGC 9.8 -1st App Storm breaker - 3rd Beta Ray Bill - Marvel - 1984
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Thor #339 - CGC 9.8 -1st App Storm breaker - 3rd Beta Ray Bill - Marvel - 1984 Thor #339 - CGC 9.8 -1st App Storm breaker - 3rd Beta Ray Bill - Marvel - 1984

Thor #339 - CGC 9.8 -1st App Storm breaker - 3rd Beta Ray Bill - Marvel - 1984

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Thor #339 - CGC 9.8 -1st App Storm breaker - 3rd Beta Ray Bill - Marvel - 1984



After arriving back in Asgard and pronouncing his victory, Beta Ray Bill collapses. Odin declares that neither warrior will perish, and to take them both to the house of healing. The attendants are very curious about Bill, but Lorelei finds him repulsive. Her and Sif debate overlooks versus honor, until Odin arrives. Odin goes in to see Thor who feels disgraced before him. Thor announces he will renounce his godhood and leave Asgard forever. Odin tells him that he will have to speak with Bill, who is not happy with the outcome either. Odin then goes to speak with Bill, who wants to know is his claim on the hammer only until someone stronger comes along? He knows it was forged for Thor, but he needs it as well. Bill asks if there is a way out of this dilemma of honor and need. Odin tells him that in the past, the gods demanded a sacrifice for help, but Bill has already given him something precious - the life of his son. So Odin will grant what aid he can and bestow on Bill a gift, one that may destroy him. Later that evening, a rider crests the hill, through the pass of Ullthang, and into Nidavellir. Eitri recognizes Odin immediately and asks what the dwarves can do for the gods. Through the night, the two talk, and Eitri agrees to the task on one condition. Odin must send a woman to defeat their champion, only then will old wrongs be redressed. Back in Asgard, Thor and Bill discuss the outcome of their contest, when they see Sif in full armor, riding fast. When they ask a nurse about what's going on, she tells them that Sif rides out to fight a champion on behalf of them both and that she may never return. On the ride, Sif recalls her meeting with Odin and her own secret reason for accepting Odin's request. She is intrigued by Bill and wants to find favor in his eyes. Suddenly, the dwarves champion ambushes Sif. She fights back, but the dwarf is larger than she is. Elsewhere, Volstagg is sitting on Agnar, telling him of the trials of Balder. Of how Loki tricked Hoder into killing Balder, and how he traveled through Hela's domain. Someplace else, the gigantic figure continues its forging, the forging of a great sword. In Quebec, Rene Baroque laments buying the food processor when Fafnir arrives and destroys the lighthouse with him in it. Back in Nidavellir, Sif overcomes Throgg and knocks him unconscious. Eitri arrives and is happy that Sif defeated Throgg. He tells her that Throgg has been using his freakish size to bully the dwarves. After having been beaten by a woman, he won't show his face for a long time. Eitri then tells the rest of the dwarves to stoke the furnaces, it's time to work! After Sif's return to Asgard, she speaks with Bill. He tells her that he longs to return to his people, his duty lies with them. Sif wants to know if he will return to Asgard, but Bill tells her no. Asgard reminds him of everything he gave up when he was remade, he has no humanity left...for anyone. In Nidavellir, Odin, Sif, Thor, and Bill are present while the dwarves work a forging unlike since the beginning of time. When the time is right, Odin unleashes the full force of his magic into the mold, and Bill reaches in. When he pulls out the hammer, he changes once more into Beta Ray Thor! Odin asks Bill if he accepts this great responsibility, and he does with all his heart. Odin names the hammer Stormbreaker and then returns Mjolnir to Thor, which is his alone. Odin then tells Bill that he must hurry, the demons are almost upon his people. Thor decides to go with Bill to help him and calls Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder to help carry them quickly. Sif tells them that she is coming with them, and the three of them race for the stars.