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Wolverine #2 - CGC 9.4 - Claremont Story - 1st App Belle, Roscoe, Rufe - 1988

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Wolverine #2 - CGC 9.4 - Claremont Story - 1st App Belle, Roscoe, Rufe - 1988



With Jessica Drew bringing the cursed Muramasa Blade -- coveted by the Cult of the Black Blade -- to a bar in Madripoor's Lowtown and into a trap, Logan (in his guise of Patch) and Lindsay McCabe (Jessica's actress friend) head to the bar to wait for Jessica's arrival. The bar is a rough place but Patch is most impressed when Lindsay conducts herself well even though he has to warn off the locals that she is with him. She impresses him further when she takes the same drink as him even thought it literally knocks her off her feet.

Patch leaves her behind while he goes upstairs to meet with the "contact", left to her own devices Lindsay becomes uncomfortable to the attention she is getting and takes up Belle the bartender's offer to work behind the bar while Patch is busy. As Logan goes upstairs he recounts the course of events that led him here[1]. Entering the room where Jessica Drew was supposed to meet her contact, Patch finds that everyone in the room has been slaughtered. As he enters the room, he is suddenly attacked by the Silver Samurai who has also come looking for the sword and will not allow Logan to interfere in his plans. The two begin to spar when suddenly they are interrupted by Jessica Drew, who steps out of the shadows revealing that she is under the influence of the Muramasa Sword.